Koh Chang Ghost Ship Thailand

Explore the Chilling Legends of Koh Chang's Haunted Ghost Ship! Experience the Eerie Cinematic Journey Through Thailand's Haunted Abandoned Ghost Ship!

Looking to break away from the usual beachside routine? Seeking an island escapade filled with mystery and adventure? Look no further than the enigmatic allure of Koh Chang's abandoned cruise ship – a place steeped in intrigue and untold stories.

Join us as we uncover the captivating tale of the abandoned Galaxy Cruise ship and embark on an extraordinary journey.

Full video on YouTube here https://youtu.be/c7zpDl-E5nw

The Quest Begins: Koh Chang's Mystical Encounter

Picture this: Koh Chang, the splendid Thai island that beckons travelers with its sandy shores and tropical charm. Our voyage to this enigmatic destination started in 2017, leaving us eager to explore the island's secrets.

The Unexpected Discovery: Koh Chang Ghost Ship Beckons

In our previous expeditions across Koh Chang's sun-kissed landscapes, we believed we'd seen it all—until we heard whispers of a “GHOST SHIP.” Intrigued by the prospect of an abandoned vessel within walking distance of our Bang Bao Bay accommodation at Bang Bao Paradise Home Stay*, our curiosity peaked. Who could resist exploring an abandoned cruise ship?

The Fabled Galaxy Ghost Ship Koh Chang: A Lost Legacy Unveiled

Legend has it that the Galaxy, once a genuine cruise liner, faced a fateful transformation into a 3-star hotel after encountering a leak. Some versions suggest the Galaxy was intentionally grounded on Bang Bao beach's west coast.

Regardless, this colossal vessel found its way to Koh Chang, offering visitors a unique stay just a few years ago. Imagine, a room for a mere 20 EUR per night aboard this ship-turned-hotel—an opportunity that beckoned with a sense of mystery and affordability.

A Tale of the Lost Resort: Grand Lagoona's Spectacular Demise

But the Galaxy was merely a fragment of a grander spectacle – the “Koh Chang Grand Lagoona Resort.” Nestled in the Ao Bang Bao Bay, it boasted artificial lakes, a stunning beach, and diverse accommodations—from wooden lodges to floating houses, each adding to its majestic allure. The resort even flaunted a boat-shaped pool house—an architectural marvel to behold!

Unraveling the Mystery: What Befell the Galaxy and the Resort?

Alas, the fate of the Galaxy and the Grand Lagoona Resort remains shrouded in mystery. Rumors dance through the air, weaving tales of financial woes leading to the resort's demise. Others whisper of tragic incidents, hinting at a darker side to the abandoned structures.

Our quest for answers yielded little; locals remained reticent, adding layers of mystique to the site. The internet, too, offered no concrete explanations, leaving the truth to one's imagination, enhancing the allure of this enigmatic place.

Charting the Course: Journey to the Ghostly Vessel

For those daring to venture, seek the abandoned Galaxy Cruise ship at Koh Chang's southern tip, en route from Bang Bao Bay to Bang Bai Beach. Google Maps might label it as “Sea Star,” “Boat Chalet Koh Chang,” or “The Galaxy Bang Bai Beach”—the latter being the most accurate.

If you're exploring on a bike, follow Google Maps to “KOH CHANG GRAND LAGUNA” until the road's end leads you to the ship's ghostly presence. A nominal fee applies for non-resort guests, ensuring access to this mysterious relic. Bicycle rentals ease exploration within the grounds, revealing hidden secrets as you roam.

Prepare for the Adventure of a Lifetime

So, if your heart craves adventure and intrigue, dare to explore Koh Chang's abandoned cruise ship. Uncover the mysteries, let your imagination run wild, and embark on an unforgettable journey into the unknown. As the tales echo and the secrets linger, a voyage to the Galaxy Cruise ship promises a truly otherworldly experience.

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Koh Chang Ghost Ship Thailand

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